About #IAMWorthy

#IAMWORTHY is a youth mental health movement that hopes to build a safe mental wellness community for youths to address the pains of adulthood and rise above childhood traumas.

We are a youth community looking to tackle and spread awareness of mental health in Singapore.

We curate content and provide tips on different concepts of mental wellness such as self-doubt, comparison, body image, trauma response and self-healing, with a goal to holistically support mental health in youths and make them feel worthy and good about themselves.

Transforming lives through a content resource platform

Have you ever been in these situations and felt these emotions?
Well, you’re not alone and many of us have definitely felt the same way before. 
Our mini-monsters struggle with them too! Follow us to learn how to heal alongside our mini-monsters.

a member of National Youth Council

NYC is the national body for youth development in Singapore and the focal point of international youth affairs.


next steps

We want to enrich communities through collaborative content sharing and become more interconnected with the online mental health movement in Singapore.